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Having worked with thousands of property developers over many years, we hear the same comments over and over again. Clients say to us “I am spending so much time looking for development sites, is there a faster and easier way to do it”? Even worse than this question is when we get a call from a client who has just bought a property that can’t be developed in the way he/ she thinks.

I will never forget a call I had with a gentleman who had just settled on a subdivision development site. During our call, we came to realise that to complete the subdivision, he would need the permission from 3 downstream neighbouring properties. He would need permission to dig trenches and lay pipes through their properties to discharge his sewer and stormwater through their yards to the sewer and stormwater mains. I could feel this client’s deep disappointment through the phone and my heart sank with his. The permission from the neighbours never came and this client lost a lot of money after needing to sell the property soon after buying it.

As a result of needing to research so many development sites, I have come up with a property development checklist and user guide video’s. The checklist and video’s show you how to go through the same process we go through to review development sites. This checklist will help you avoid costly mistakes as a result of buying the wrong property.

The first page of the checklist will show you how to research Council’s and public web pages so that most of your research can be done from the comfort of your own home or office. The checklist will show you how to check the zoning of a site, the dimensions of a site, any overlays that may affect the potential for development, where the infrastructure is in the ground that may affect your development and how to get your development questions answered.

Assuming after this research the site still looks good, the second page of the checklist is to be completed at the site visit. We will show you what to look for when you visit the site to make sure you don’t look over any hidden nasties that may affect your development.

The Checklist includes 3 short user guide videos that will be sent to you over 3 subsequent days to show you how to use the checklist.

This checklist has been designed to take the pain out of finding development sites. It will help you avoid buying the wrong sites and make finding profitable sites more easily and quickly. We hope you enjoy using it, claim it now by completing the registration form.

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